A Team Of Black Jack, Poker and Cigars

There was a time that black jack, poker and cigars were inseparable. If you thought about a black jack or poker, you thought about a bunch of middle-aged guys sitting around the table, showing off their fancy cigars, while counting their piles of chips. In most cases, the black jack or poker players were equally skilled in playing variants of Texas Hold’em as they were in smoking cigars. The owner of a cigar site, Jeff Hudson, fears that if the indivisible bond between black jack, poker and cigars might end, unless something is done to keep this tradition.

A Team Of Black Jack, Poker and Cigars jack poker

From the beginning of last century up to far into the 1900’s, the black jack, poker and other card tables were populated by cigar smokers, and all had a ring of smoke above the table. At some occasions, a host at a black jack, poker or other table game would be called over to the table to provide an implement for cutting cigars.

In these days, the black jack and poker hosts did more than just providing players with poker chips and packs of cards. One of their most important jobs was to provide their guests with enough cigars and empty the ashtrays. Besides making sure that there were enough drinks and snacks, they also had to take care of extra butane lighters.

At the beginning of the 21st century, this has all changed. The United States city and state regulations have banned the huge of cigars at a black jack or poker game. There are even many casinos where smoking is completely prohibited and you won’t find a single soul puffing on a cigar inside.

Some online casinos decided to split up the smokers and the non-smokers. They have designed a special corner for black jack and poker players, who can’t pull of a decent poker face without holding a cigar in their hands.

Black jack, poker and cigars have been a team for many years, and it’s almost impossible to keep them apart. It turns out that many non-smokers and up in the smoking areas of casinos, just because they like the combination of heavy smoke and a good game of Texas Hold’em. It brings up memories of old gambling movies and the good old days, a memory players rather not lose….

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